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At NCI, the safety and health of our employees is a cornerstone in everything we do. We strive to provide a work environment free of hazards and we require adherence to safe work practices at all times. Our motto is "Safety 24/7/365- Personal Responsibility, Constant Focus, and Zero Compromise" with the goal of zero injuries and safety incidents at work and a focus on Safety beyond our workplace.

Our Safety Promise
: To continuously promote and maintain a safe work environment for our employees, customers, vendors, and visitors, and to create a focus on safety and health beyond the workplace with our families and others, in everything that we do.

24/7 Safety Logo
Core Values:
  • Create a positive safety culture by providing education, training, equipment, and oversight to achieve and sustain zero incidents and injuries

  • Communicate a personal commitment to safety, in all of our actions, by what we demonstrate personally and tolerate publicly

  • Empower all employees to actively engage others in safety conversations to enforce the principle that all incidents and injuries are preventable

  • Believe in safety for ourselves, our family, and our co-workers
We continually strive to eliminate incidents and injuries by developing positive Safety culture through strong safety programs and enhanced risk management oversight. In addition, we have a very successful interactive behavior-based safety program where our employees engage and interact with other employees on a daily basis regarding safe and unsafe work behavior.

Through our safety training initiatives, we strive to make safety a core value among our employees in all aspects of their lives. Toward this end:
  • NCI employees undergo initial safety training when they are hired. Monthly and annual training sessions are conducted for many positions to ensure that our employees remain up-to-date and knowledgeable in their specific work areas.

  • Our behavior-based safety program provides a forum for co-workers to interact with each other during the course of the day and give feedback to their teams. Daily "tool box" meetings allow our employees to share and discuss everyday safety practices.

  • Members of our NCI Safety and Risk Team help individual locations develop strong Safety culture through hands-on and webcast training sessions.



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