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The U.S. economic downturn took its toll on our business and the customers we serve. Our lowest point was in 2009 when we had to refinance maturing debt and recapitalize our Balance Sheet. We restructured our company by significantly reducing the number of manufacturing plants and drastically downsizing our workforce. At that same time, we received an equity investment from Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, a private equity firm, that enabled us to pay down our debt and achieve a strong financial footing to not only survive the worst recession in decades but to establish a financial foundation for future investments. Through a combination of operational initiatives over the last five years, NCI has invested both in retooling manufacturing plants to produce new energy efficient products and in a significant acquisition with the purchase of Metl-Span to enhance the future growth of the company.

Like many other companies, our employees, stakeholders and shareholders have benefitted from the American capitalistic system in which good companies can be helped through difficult times by private investors willing to accept the current uncertainty and risk for the potential of a future financial return. We are very fortunate to have Clayton, Dubilier & Rice as our partner investing in our future.



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