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This privacy statement (this "Statement") sets forth, on behalf of NCI Building Systems and any and all of NCI Building Systems' parents, sister companies, subsidiaries, divisions, and other affiliates (collectively, "NCI," "we," "us," and "our"), information gathering and dissemination practices used on this website and used by all services offered by or through this website (collectively, the "Site"). This Statement is subject to, and made a part of, the Site's Terms of Use.

NCI will not knowingly and willfully share information provided by you with anyone, except as required or permitted by applicable law or except as provided or permitted in this Statement. However, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Accordingly, you acknowledge that NCI does not promise or ensure that such information will remain confidential or secure. Moreover, although we take measures to safeguard against unauthorized disclosures of such information, we cannot assure you that such information will never be disclosed in a manner that is inconsistent with this Statement.

NCI reserves the right to revise this Statement from time to time in NCI's sole discretion, without prior notice. Consequently, you should review this Statement frequently. By visiting, accessing, or using the Site, you agree to be bound by this Statement (as modified), including the Site's Terms of Use, at the time of your visit, access, or use.

The Information We Collect

NCI collects information about you when you visit, access, and use the Site (such information is collectively the "Collected Information"), including when you complete the Site's information form. All Collected Information falls into one of two categories: "Identifiable Information" or "Generic Information." Identifiable Information is information that personally identifies you. Generic Information is all Collected Information other than Identifiable Information.

• Examples of Identifiable Information include your (1) first and last name; (4) email address; (5) company name; (6) job title; (7) job specialty; (8) phone number; and (9) mailing/physical address.

• Examples of Generic Information include (1) the name of the domain you use to access or use the Site; (2) your cookie information, pixel tag information, and other digital behavior; (3) the address of the website that referred you to the Site; (4) any search terms that you entered to reach the Site; (5) the pages that you request or visit on the Site; (6) the advertisements that you click; (7) your frequency of requests or visits and the date of time of your visits; (8) your search terms on the Site; (9) information regarding your Internet use; and (10) your public profile and public information associated with the Site. In addition, Generic Information includes all Identifiable Information that has been de-identified (meaning that no single person can be identified by such de-identified information). Moreover, if you access or use the Site on or through a mobile device, then NCI may receive (among other things) geo-coordinates in connection with such access or use, including geo-coordinates or other GPS-related information of locations that you visit or patronage and date and time stamps related thereto (collectively, the "Geo-Coordinates"). The Geo-Coordinates are Generic Information and never qualify as Identifiable Information.

You agree to NCI's collection of all Collected Information (however so collected or requested), including NCI's request for, and collection of, Identifiable Information, and you agree to the association, assimilation, and use of all Collected Information regarding you, subject only to any applicable express limitations in this Statement. NCI reserves the right to de-identify Identifiable Information for any and all purposes, at which point such de-identified information shall be Generic Information.

How We Use the Information
NCI may use Identifiable Information (1) to fulfill your requests for products, programs, or services offered by NCI or NCI's business partners; (2) to respond to your potential inquiries about offerings of NCI or NCI's business partners; (3) to promote other products, programs, or services offered by NCI or NCI's business partners that we believe may be of interest to you; and (4) to provide support services. We may use Identifiable Information to communicate with you. In addition, we may on occasion combine Identifiable Information with other information to enhance our ability to market to you certain products and services.

NCI may use Collected Information to improve the design and content of our Site and to enable us to personalize your Internet experience. We also may use Collected Information for NCI's market research purposes and development of prospect lists and to analyze Site usage, as well as to promote you products, programs, or services offered by NCI or NCI's business partners. In addition, we may use Collected Information (including your IP address) (1) to help diagnose problems with our server; (2) to administer our web site; and (3) to help identify you and gather demographic, statistical, and scientific information. When you view the Site we may store some information on your computer in what is known as a "cookie."

NCI is permitted to use and share, without restriction or limitation, all Generic Information in NCI's sole discretion. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing sentence, NCI reserves the right to use, distribute, edit, display, archive, publish, sublicense, perform, reproduce, make available, transmit, broadcast, sell, repurpose, translate, aggregate, and create derivative works of the Generic Information for any and all purposes.

Notwithstanding the foregoing and any limitation to the contrary, NCI may disclose Collected Information (including Identifiable Information) (1) to cooperate with, and in connection with, state, local, and federal officials in any investigation relating to any information or content (including Identifiable Information) or purported unlawful activities (such as fraud or identity theft) of any visitor; (2) to cooperate with, and in connection with, any legal process, legal requirement, judicial proceeding, or court order; (3) to protect or defend NCI's proprietary rights; (4) to protect against fraud or criminal activity or for risk management purposes, (5) to satisfy any law or as required by any law; regulation, or governmental request; (6) if such disclosure is necessary or appropriate to operate NCI (including to any third party that helps NCI (a) manage or provide the Site or any functionality offered by or through the Site and/or (b) administer and maintain the Site or any functionality offered by or through the Site); (7) to protect or defend the rights, property, security, or safety of NCI or others; or (8) in connection with the (actual or potential) sale, purchase, merger, reorganization, liquidation, or dissolution of NCI.

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