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NCI has been quick to adopt web-centric technology across its operations that allows our clients to buy, design and track their purchases on the internet. We recently moved to cloud computing for our private and public information storage and sharing. Currently we are designing a common enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that fosters internal alignment throughout the organization and supports our hub-and-spoke strategy. All these improvements result in more responsive customer service and an increased ability to react to changes in the marketplace.

Examples of the web-based innovations we utilize:

• CoilTracker, a web-based system that allows our metal coatings customers to track and release
  their inventory and monitor the shipment of their purchases.

• ExpressPlus, a system employed by all NCI Buildings division brands that allows customers to
  quickly configure, estimate and order low- to medium-complexity buildings through a simple online
  user interface. We also have an advanced builder software platform that allows our more tech-savvy
  customers to engineer and create complex building designs which are electronically sent directly to
  NCI's automated plant floor manufacturing systems. The software design system also holds the
  latest building codes applicable to each geographic area.

• A sophisticated building information modeling (BIM) software helps our engineers detail highly
  complex building designs utilizing 3D modeling and clash detection which ultimately reduces errors
  and expensive engineering redesign.

• Electronic data interchanges (EDIs) facilitate data handling and reduce manual labor. NCI and its
  major trading partners have all standardized on the North American ANSI ASC X12 format for the
  transmission of all business documents and forms such as purchase orders and invoices.

  The creation and implementation of Web Services allows us to move projects from estimating and
  BIM (building information modeling processes) electronically to the shop floor.

• A digital-seal process posts engineering drawings for customers to download, thereby cutting
  delivery times, eliminating shipping costs and associated environmental impacts.

• The Oracle Transportation Management system (OTM) supports our hub-and-spoke model and
  enables us to evaluate loads, mileage, fuel and availability for low-cost, on-time deliveries to our



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