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NCI retains its technological edge with a robust R&D program that continually works to develop new products, improve existing ones and reduce costs.

To help achieve these goals, NCI has a 9,000-square-foot test laboratory in Houston. We have two vacuum chambers capable of testing entire roof systems up to 2,000 square feet in size with loads of 150 pounds per square foot and higher as well as an Underwriters Laboratory (UL) 580 test chamber.

Our lab allows us not only to improve our products, but also to ensure we remain up-to-date with the latest certifications for our roof and wall systems.

Some of our newest products include:

Insulated Metal Panels Retrofit Roof Systems
Reflective Coatings Photovoltaic Systems
Daylighting Technologies  

Insulated metal panels (IMPs): Our insulated metal panels provide higher R-values per inch,
  which increases their insulation capacity over typical metal building insulation systems. They
  also provide continuous insulation and air barriers. This increases a building's energy efficiency,
  and reduces greenhouse gas emissions and operating expenses. Our panels have a wide range
  of applications, help achieve LEED Credits and are easy to install, which can speed up construction
  schedules and save labor costs.

Retrofit roof systems: We have two types: NuRoof and Retro-R. A NuRoof system includes sub
  framing and is installed on an existing roof; our Retro-R system is applied directly over an existing
  metal roof panel. Our retrofit roofs, which can be sloped to specification, improve flat-roof aesthetics
  and overcome water-runoff problems, resulting in a low maintenance and highly durable roof with a
  life expectancy of up to 40 years or longer. They also eliminate the need to remove old roofs, which
  accelerates production schedules, generates less landfill waste and retains the insulation value of
  the old roof.

Reflective coatings: Roof color has a surprisingly sizeable effect on building performance. Our cool
  roof paint colors reflect and emit heat that might otherwise be absorbed into a building. In warmer
  climates they cut down on the energy needed to cool structures, saving money and helping reduce
  the heat-island effect, which affects local climate conditions in urban areas. Conversely, in cooler
  climates, darker colors can help absorb heat, reducing heating costs and associated emissions as
  well. Furthermore, we have the tools and expertise to help our customers choose the optimal solution.

Photovoltaic (PV) systems: Our metal roofs are ideal for PV systems. Our PV systems provide
  on-site renewable energy using a penetration-free mounting system that eliminates the risk and
  expense associated with rail systems typically used in roof-mounted PV. We sell thin film and
  crystalline photovoltaic systems as pre-designed kits or custom-designed systems and we can
  facilitate turnkey Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) through a third party for qualifying projects.

Daylighting technologies: Through our strategic partnerships we offer our customers traditional
  light-transmitting panels as well as other higher-performing products such as light tubes that take
  daylight from outside and use it to light the interior of the building, saving on electricity costs when
  paired with a dimming system.



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