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As the demand for environmentally friendly construction materials has grown in recent years, so has NCI's emphasis on creating green products. Our network of companies makes components that, when used as part of a high-performance building, support the environmental, economic and health criteria taken into account when determining a project's overall sustainability.

Our products can help buildings meet the requirements needed for certification by the various government and non-government agencies setting green standards, including the U.S. government's ENERGY STAR program and the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program .

We use our expertise to help our customers build more energy-efficient and environment-friendly buildings. Some areas we can assist them with include:

Improving R-Values: We work closely with our customers to help them get the best performance
  from our insulated metal panels in their building projects.

Roof reflectivity: Roof colors can help reflect heat and lower cooling costs, or they can help absorb
  heat and lower heating costs. We help our clients make the right choice for their specific projects.

Continuous Air Barriers: Our rigorous product testing regimen helps our customers meet the
  increasingly stringent air-infiltration requirements of today's energy-efficiency standards for new
  buildings by providing them with proven product performance.

Life cycle assessment: NCI is a major contributor to an industry-wide life cycle assessment study,
  or LCA. LCAs evaluate the environmental impacts of a product's raw material procurement,
  manufacturing, delivery, deployment, use, deconstruction, recycling and disposal. By leveraging
  the inherent strengths of metal combined with our energy-efficient assemblies, our products can
  enhance whole-building LCA performance.



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