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NCI's operations are composed of four business segments:engineered metal building systems, metal components, insulated metal panels and metal coil coating. 2017 revenue came from 37% engineered building systems, 31% from metal components, 21% from insulated metal panels and about 11% from metal coil coating.

Segments Pie Chart

Our four business segments are vertically integrated: they use the same raw materials (predominantly steel) allowing NCI to leverage our supply chain throughout the organization. In addition, our hub-and-spoke manufacturing and distribution network, places our operations closer to our end users, and allows us to deliver our products more quickly at a lower cost. Many of our custom building orders are completed in one to three months.

• Our engineered metal building systems segment sources most of its painted steel coil and a large
  portion of its components from our other two business segments and sells custom designed
  building envelope solutions through a network of over 3,200 authorized builders.

• Our metal components segment produces parts and accessories used in our engineered building
  systems, as well as tens of thousands of independent builders and contractors.

• Our insulated metal panel segment produces panels in a variety of modules, lengths and reveals
  for use in various Architectural, Commercial, Industrial and Cold Storage end-market applications.

• NCI's metal coil coating segment, which paints rolls of flat steel (coils), provides most of the sheet
  metal coating for our other business segments and also offers these services to wide variety of
  external customers.




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