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Uses:Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) are used for cold storage facilities, industrial facilities, energy-related facilities, arenas and stadiums, office buildings, showrooms, banks, educational facilities, religious facilities, distribution centers, government buildings, community centers and many other end market uses.

As the largest producers of insulated metal panels in North America, we serve the Architectural, Commercial, Industrial and Cold Storage industries with a winning combination of aesthetics, performance, sustainability and value. The versatility of our products goes beyond simply insulated metal panels. Our innovative modular metal panel system is helping the architectural community change the way it views building facades while our rainscreen and barrier wall systems create the ultimate weathertight barrier.

Insulated metal panels consist of rigid foam encased between two sheets of coated metal, and come in a variety of modules, lengths and reveal combinations. The foam insulation and metal liner create moisture, air, vapor and thermal barriers while the painted steel facing creates the exterior wall aesthetic. The metal skins offer long-term durability and come in a multitude of colors and finishes. We design, engineer and manufacture our products to meet specified building codes.

We have customers in most nonresidential sectors including: Architectural, Commercial, Industrial and Cold Storage. Our products are sold through an elite dealer network and specialized distribution.

Manufacturing facilities
: We have facilities for manufacturing and distribution strategically located throughout the United States. (click here to see map)

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