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Metal structures have grown in popularity since the mid-1900s, in large part due to the many advantages of metal over other building materials. Metal construction has evolved from small, portable structures widely used in World War II into fully customizable, low-rise building solutions used today in virtually every sector of the economy.

Metal construction has a number of advantages over other materials: it's stronger, longer lasting and requires less maintenance; it's recyclable and made from recycled materials; it can be assembled more quickly and with lower labor costs than other materials; and it can easily accommodate future expansion.

Important architectural achievements have significantly elevated the look and feel of metal buildings to the point where they are often indistinguishable from other forms of construction, while still maintaining their competitive advantages.

Our metal building systems are attractive, sleek and sophisticated, and can be incorporated into many designs and styles. Our customers can choose from various panel profiles and colors, or combine our metal systems with brick, stone or other building materials. Meanwhile, our metal roofing systems allow architects and builders to integrate colors and geometric flair into the roofing of new and existing buildings.

Following our founding in 1984, NCI pursued a plan of strategic acquisitions that brought together more than 19 companies over three decades; we also launched a number of new enterprises to fill in niche areas. We successfully melded together these ventures with different histories, products, technologies and management styles into an entity whose collective expertise uniquely equipped NCI to assume leadership positions in the markets we serve.

Today, as one consolidated organization, our activities in the metal building industry combine a broad range of technologies and technical know-how in a vertically integrated corporation whose three segments all use the same raw materials, and sales and distribution channels.



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